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There Could Be An Immediate Opportunity With Chess Supersite Corp (OTCMKTS:CHZP); Access Full Report Now; Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA), Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT), Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE)



“It used to be grass roots and now social media has made it incredibly evident and online competitive gaming has BIG BUSINESS and BIG INVESTMENT to back it up. “

Competitive video gaming, also known as electronic sports or e-sports, has experienced a meteoric rise in the past decade or so.

Though e-sports still have a niche audience compared to established professional sports leagues, they’re now a far cry from the days when the only video game tournaments around were Street Fighter matches sponsored by local arcades.

It’s no wonder that gamers across the world take such an interest in their professional counterparts. The video game industry takes in $10.5 billion a year, according to the ESRB. The advent of streaming internet video has bolstered the e-competition industry even more, as it can access worldwide viewership while bypassing the traditional avenue of television coverage. Computer game players are necessarily also regular internet users, and streams have long reach.

Major League Gaming, the largest video game league in the United States, reported 54 million viewer-hours of streaming video watched in 2013, or four times the total number of hours of the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament viewed that year.

Like the Grassroots of e-gaming have exploded so could an early investment opportunity through companies like Chess Supersite Corp (OTCMKTS:CHZP)

These kinds of viewership numbers are enough to give investors  like those from MLG the confidence to grant it $69 million in venture capital! The relatively low cost of streaming (viewing it is free as long as you can get online) means big money for everyone involved: the players, the leagues, the broadcasters, the sponsors, and, indeed, the game platform development companies.

Chess Supersite Corp (OTCMKTS:CHZP) is an interactive and educational chess site that will allow members to watch major tournaments with expert commentary, predict moves to win prices, access sophisticated educational material and chat in many languages using instant translation.

“Chess is the sleeping giant of the sports/entertainment world.”

 Steve Martin, CEO of M&C Saatchi Sports

It is estimated that an astonishing 650 million people play chess in the World and it’s also estimated that the number of people that play online chess is over 200 million! Chess Supersite Corp (OTCMKTS:CHZP) is building a model to breed world-class competitors while also fostering a network of users.  With the emergence of social online competition, CHZP is anticipating multi-million dollar revenue growth just from annual advertising revenue alone.


They will also offer premium membership, events with revenue from event fees, as well as contest fees

And RIGHT NOW The Company Is In Its Own Grass Roots Stage, Set For A Full Launch!

And with new technology emerging that taps directly into the social media market, CHZP could quickly find itself with exponential growth in its viewership.  With applications like Twitch that are built specifically for streaming e-gaming, peak viewership could further enhance this market opportunity especially when compared to the “old days” of online chess play.

Game developers and other companies are also on Twitch, streaming footage from tournaments that pit top teams against one another. Riot Games, the company that makes the game League of Legends, holds frequent competitions that attract hundreds of thousands of viewers.

“Now, because games are run as continuous services where people can spend money as they play along, the game companies have bigger incentives to engage and entertain people continuously,” said Peter Warman, chief executive of Newzoo, a research firm that has studied e-sports.

Companies like T-Mobile USA, Coca-Cola, and eve Red Bull are just some of the biggest sponsors of the leading chess matches around the world.  Though it may not seem like an “in your face” sport.  Matches attract thousands of viewers.  Malcolm Pein, British international master and director of the London Chess Classic tournament, states that his matches attracted a total of 160,000 different viewers via a live streaming service!

Senior Advisement By The Industry’s Leading Chess Grand Master!

If you could have any business to start up and be able to have a chance to have one of the leading figureheads of your industry hold your hand and guide you, how valueable would that be?

CHZP has that RIGHT NOW.  Garry Kasparov has become a Senior Adviser to the Board of Directors of the Chess Supersite Corporation. Legendary World Chess Champion Grandmaster Garry Kasparov has become the Senior Adviser to the Board of Directors of the Chess Supersite Corporation.

 Garry Kasparov is the strongest player in chess history and a member of TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people in the World. He is a prolific author, lecturer, and President of the Kasparov Chess Foundation with offices around the Globe

Garry Kasparov, one of the world’s greatest ambassadors for chess, inspired the Grand Chess Tour. His tireless efforts to popularize the game around the world mirror the goals and ambitions of the Grand Chess Tour. See more at: Garry Kasparov brings his wisdom, experience, integrity and vision!

Immediate Buying Opportunity for Chess Supersite Corp (CHZP)?

The growth of online competition, the increased viewership of chess and an early phase opportunity that could be a HUGE score for early participants.  With CHZP on the verge of launching what could be one of the internet’s foremost destinations for competition, RIGHT NOW may be one of the MOST IMPORTANT times to be paying close attention to this company!



Eanings Review: Rambus Inc. (NASDAQ:RMBS), Revlon Inc (NYSE:REV)




Revlon Inc(NYSE:REV) +2.5% after-hours after announcing that President and CEO Fabian Garcia is stepping down “to pursue other opportunities,” and Executive Vice Chair Paul Meister will oversee operations on an interim basis.

REV also says it expects Q4 revenues of $785M, below $801M from the year-earlier quarter but ahead of analyst consensus estimate of $743M, and a $60M-$80M net loss for the quarter due to a charge related to the recent tax law changes.

REV expects Q4 adjusted EBITDA of $110M-$115M vs. $115M analyst consensus.

CFO Chris Peterson also denies rumors that the company is considering a material asset transfer that would shield assets from lenders.

Rambus Inc.(NASDAQ:RMBS) shares are down 5.5% aftermarket following Q4 results that beat revenue estimates and met on EPS. In-line Q1 guidance (under ASC 605 accounting change) has revenue from $94M to $100M (consensus: $100.38M) and EPS from $0.17 to $0.23 (consensus: $0.18).

Revenue breakdown: Royalties, $77.9M (+10% Y/Y); Product, $8.5M (-27%); Contract and other revenue, $15.5M (+2%); Licensing billings, $76.6M (+18%).Key metrics: Non-GAAP operating margin, 31%; total operating expenses, $67.5M; cash and equivalents, $172.2M; cash flow from operations, $33.3M.

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ADTRAN, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADTN) Hits New Lows After Issuing disappointing Earnings Forecast




ADTRAN, Inc.(NASDAQ:ADTN) slumped to a 52-week low after forecasting below consensus guidance for Q4, revising its revenue estimate downward  to $125M from $155M-$165M earlier and seeing EPS of ~$0.01; analysts had expected EPS of ~$0.14 and revenue of $161.2M.

ADTN also projects Q1 to come in at roughly the same as Q4, misses analyst consensus of $167.5M.

CEO Tom Stanton says Q4 results have been hurt by a merger-related review, which ADTN expects to be completed in 60-90 days, and slowdown in the spending at a domestic Tier 1 customer.

MKM Partners analyst Michael Genovese believes the customer is CenturyLink (CTL -2%), which accounted for 24% of ADTN’s total sales in 2016.

The analyst thinks the weakness should prove temporary, adding that ADTN’s performance likely will accelerate into 2019 as the company stands to benefit from 5G spending; MKM trims its ADTN target price to $25 from $27 but keeps its Buy rating.

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Big IPO Coming: Celator Pharmaceuticals Inc(NASDAQ:CPXX), Moleculin Biotech’s (MBRX)




Today at 10am Eastern, Moleculin Biotech ticker symbol MBRX will debut on the Nasdaq stock exchange and is being considered as one of the most highly anticipated IPO’s of 2016 by the street. The excitement and anticipation is arising from many experts saying that Moleculin Biotech’s (MBRX) drug annamycin is far superior to Celator Pharmaceuticals Inc(NASDAQ:CPXX) drug daunorubicin.

CPXX which has been bought out by Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc – Ordinary Shares(NASDAQ:JAZZ) for $1.5 Billion Dollars last week, share price ran from $1.6 to $31 in 2 months. Moleculin Biotech’s share structure is a 1.5m public float Priced at $6.

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