Marijuana Stocks

Marijuana Stocks Showing No Signs of Slowing Down Through the Summer

We are already midway through the summer months and the popularity of cannabis growing rapidly by the day; marijuana stock investors have reaped the benefit of these positive events occurring in the marijuana community. With currently 23 states and The District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana with more and more states looking to jump on board the 2016 ballot. Companies are finding new innovative ways to incorporate cannabis in their products or services as cannabis investors reap the benefits. Companies such as Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. (OTCMKTS:THCZ), Ubiquitech Software Corporation (OTCMKTS:UBQU) and FBEC Worldwide Inc. (OTCMKTS:FBEC) have quickly grabbed the attention of investors over the last couple of months.

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Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. a H.E.M.P infused Beverage Company announced on Wednesday morning that the company is entering the multi billion-dollar energy shot market. The company just acquired the Dollar Shots Club including the website, trademarks, inventory and customer base. Dollar Shots Club Co-Founder states, “We’re excited about the future of THCZ and their Rocky Mountain High products. They have a proven distribution platform and the firepower to take Dollar Shots Club to the next level. For our current customers, everything will remain the same.” Since early May THCZ has seen a price per share increase of 124% from highs of $0.22 to lows of $0.10.

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Ubiquitech Software Corporation an International Technology and Services company, that also owns the division, announced on Tuesday that the company has officially past the 3,000 mark for active buying customers for its CBD brand CannazALL products. This record was reached only after six months of product availability on the website. The company has also recently highlighted; all time high revenues in more than $750,000 for the quarter ended May 31st. Also their CannazALL products are accessible in all 50 states and internationally. “We expect the HempLife Today customer base to more than double by end of year and continue at this rate into 2016,” said Jim Ballas CEO of Ubiquitech. UBQU over the last month has seen a price run of 104.61% from lows of $0.065 to highs of $0.133. The stock is currently trading between $0.08-$0.09.

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FBEC Worldwide Inc., a Beverage Company with intellectual property formulas and marketing capability for the production and distribution of proprietary beverages including H.E.M.P.™-branded energy shots and drinks and nutraceutical supplements. The company is set to release its first H.E.M.P infused energy shot called The WolfShot named after the cannabis community well known The Wolf of Weed Street. The company recently announced they would begin the process to up-list to the OTCQB with their sights set on the New York Stock Exchange in the future. The company CEO states, “We anticipate sales and marketing of our new product line, and with new beverages on our drawing board, and a target of $50M in sales over the next 24 months, we will focus on meeting the requirements for the New York Stock Exchange.” The company is currently trading between $0.08-$0.09.