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Is VBI Vaccines, Inc. (NASDAQ:VBIV) The Biotech Stock To Watch In 2016? GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE:GSK)

The markets have been a bit shaky between oil prices evaporating and shareholders looking ahead to testimony from Janet Yellen.
On Monday morning as wary shareholders evaluated China’s transition to speed up its slowing economy and increasing oil prices which have raised hopes that the market has bottomed out. China’s central bank on Monday cut its reserve requirement ratio, or the amount of money that financial institutes must hold as reserves, for the fifth time in a year.

“It’s sort of like a sugar shock, a bump in near-term growth at the expense of longer-term credibility. I think investors are caught weighing the two,” stated Jack Ablin, chief investment officer at BMO.

While markets continue to sanction, there are various stocks to keep an eye on amid recent interaction and groundbreaking advancements; specifically in the biotech sector. In a recent announcement VBI Vaccines, Inc. (NASDAQ:VBIV) entered into a joint research venture with GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals SA, the Belgium-based human vaccine research arm of GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE:GSK). The engagement was entered into a system to have GSK Biologicals asses VBI’s LPV™ Platform. Being that GSK is putting in the hours to create or enhance current vaccines to cover a wide range of global diseases (including HIV, influenza, malaria, and tuberculosis) this evaluation will give GSK a window in which to option a negotiation of an exclusive licensing agreement on VBI’s LPV Platform for use in a established field.

The majority of GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE:GSK)‘s investigative studies focus on improving the access to vaccines for people in developing countries around the world. GSK Biologicals has teamed up with WHO (world Health Organization) and UNICEF to further its reach into lower economic regions and rid various deadly diseases. GSK Biologicals is also engaged in the worldwide hunt for vaccinations against avian flu and malaria. Being that VBI has verified evidence pertaining to concept research on various vaccines and biologic key points they have been able to display the LPV Platform’s ability to conserve potency under stress conditions. Furthermore, being that GSK is a very well established company, VBI’s LPV is not only limited to new vaccines.

The LPV Platform can be used for either new or current vaccines to maintain stability and potency of several classes of vaccine antigens and biologics, as well as protein-based, monoclonal antibodies, whole-inactivated, and live-attenuated vaccines and viral vectors. The vaccine market has very distinct structure, which increases the difficulty of evaluating and understanding pricing and procurement. It is made up of individual markets for individual vaccines or vaccine types, each with their own specifics. UNICEF Supply Division and PAHO Revolving Fund have considerable influence on the market, which allows them to procure vaccines for significantly lower prices than many countries could achieve on their own.

Every year UNICEF purchases some or all vaccines for up to 100 places around the world whereas PAHO procures for around 40 member states. Going on the connections made between GSK and organizations like UNICEF, VBI’s Platform in the near future could soon be on the high road for deployment by GSK Biologicals; both of which are publicly traded in biotech sector with potential in a bear market.